About Us

“Annadata Sukhi Bhava"

“To those that work in acres, not in hours"

Samasta Foods is a pure and certified organic food company shaped to uplift the farmers and the agricultural sector. With over 15 years of experience in the organic food industry, we aim to become the best certified organic food company globally by supporting farmers and with farmer’s support.

Samasta Foods is exactly what your brand is missing. We’re a one-stop shop for all your brand’s private label needs, from sourcing ingredients to packaging and transportation. We put together certified organic products packets with your brand name on them.

Our Certifications

Our USPs

15+ years of Industry Experience

Quality Assurance

Hygienic Process

Efficient Communication

Unparalleled Networking resourses

15+ years of Industry Experience

Quality Assurance

Hygienic Process

Efficient Communication

Unparalleled Networking resourses

Our Certified Organic Range

Organic Pulses

Organic Super Foods

Organic Spices

Organic Flours

Organic Dry Fruits

Organic BLENDS & Masala

Organic Rice & cereals


Organic Herbs

Organic Millets

Organic oil seeds

Organic Ready to eat Dishes

Organic Sweeteners

Organic Edible Cold Pressed Oils

Organic Ready to eat multi purpose gravies

Private Labelling

Private Labelling

Samasta Foods offers a lot of other services that come under the umbrella of private labelling. The first and foremost step in the process of private labelling is the procurement of ingredients. We source the ingredients directly from the farm, used in making organic food products for your brand. With your vision of how the organic food packets of your brand would look to the customers, we help you in branding and packaging of those organic food products. We also ship the packets for you wherever you want them delivered.

Why Samasta Foods?

One Stop Solution

We're a one-stop-shop for all your private label needs, from sourcing of ingredients to packaging and to transportation.

Stay Ahead of Trend

We stay ahead of emerging food and packaging trends with countless food ideas.

Purity is our tradition

Our mission and vision revolve around manufacturing and providing pure and certified organic products to our clients because pure deserves pure.

Chef-Driven Innovation

We have a rich experienced R&D team, Recipe scientists & Food technicians, leaving no stone unturned in innovation.

Pure & Certified Organic Food

We have everything in place. Top-notch quality certified organic food is just a click away from you. We provide pure and certified organic food offline and online.

Backend Work

We do all your backend work without any credit so that you can focus on sales and marketing of your brand.

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